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The NovAtel Smart-MR10 is a GPS+GLONASS L1+L2+L-band integrated receiver and antenna in a rugged enclosure specifically designed for on-machine Agriculture, Construction and Mining applications. It supports a variety of connection types, and is capable of SBAS, OmniStar, and RTK.

Note: This product has been retired and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and specifications. The replacement model is the Smart6-L.

- Sealed IP67 housing, designed for harsh outdoor environments such as agriculture and mining.
- 3 RS-232 serial ports (NMEA 0183 or binary)
- 1 Bluetooth serial port (NMEA 0183 or binary)
- 1 Emulated radar output
- 1 Pulse-Per-Second output
- CAN bus port (NMEA 2000)
- Position data up to 20Hz
- GLONASS support is standard.
- GL1DE algorithm to reduce position drift when running in autonomous or SBAS modes.
- Can function as a RTK rover or RTK base station (requires RTK unlock)
- Can use numerous RTK correction data formats such as RTCA, RTCM v2.x, RTCM v3.x, CMR, and CMR+

You can also see what the Smart-MR10 looks like in a video.

Part NumberDescription
GPS plus GLONASS heading vector. Provides heading and pitch between master and remote receivers at up to 10Hz. Must be paired with another NovAtel receiver running as a rover with the moving-base-station setting turned on.

SMART-MR10-PVT1-GAutonomous and SBAS
GPS plus GLONASS single-frequency code positions, SBAS, DGPS, 20Hz

Note: If you are using GPS-only correction data, the receiver will not be able to utilize the GLONASS satellites. For example, WAAS is currently GPS only, so when using WAAS, the receiver can't use the GLONASS satellites. If the receiver is configured to run in autonomous mode, it will use GLONASS.

SMART-MR10-HP-GOmniStar XP / HP / G2
GPS plus GLONASS dual-frequency code positions, SBAS, DGPS, OmniStar G2/HP/XP/VBS, CDGPS, 20Hz

If you are looking for better accuracy than what SBAS can provide, but don't want to deal with getting RTK correction data to the receiver, OmniStar is a great option. Note that you will need to contact OmniStar to subscribe to their service.

GPS plus GLONASS dual frequency 1cm Real-Time Kinematic positions, SBAS, DGPS, OmniStar G2/HP/XP/VBS, CDGPS, 20Hz

This model will operate as either a RTK rover or as a RTK base station.

Note: All MR10 receivers can use both GPS and GLONASS satellites. If your base station doesn't transmit correction data for GLONASS, the rover will not be able to use those satellites in the solution. If you want to use GLONASS, you will need GLONASS support on both the base station and the rover(s).

- Streamlined Cable
- Evaluation Cable
- Custom Cables
- Do-It-Yourself Plug and Pins
Mounting Plates:
- Universal mounting plate
- Ag GPS 262 layout mounting plate
- Pole-mount
- Quick-release kit

- MR10 Product Sheet (includes full specifications)
- MR10 Quick Start Guide
- MR10 User Manual
- OEMV Installation and Operation User Manual
- OEMV Firmware Reference
- Smart-MR10 web page at NovAtel.com
- NovAtel Configuration Utility (CDU)
- Lefebure NovAtel OEMV Config Utility for Windows
- Lefebure NovAtel OEMV Config Utility for Android

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