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The NovAtel Smart6-L is a GPS+GLONASS L1+L2+L-band integrated receiver and antenna specifically designed for on-machine Agriculture applications. It supports a variety of connection types from SBAS to RTK.

- Sealed IP67 housing
- 3 RS-232 serial ports (NMEA 0183 or binary)
- CAN bus port (NMEA 2000)
- Position data up to 20Hz
- GL1DE algorithm to reduce position drift when running in autonomous or SBAS modes.
- Can use TerraStar satellite-based corrections for near-RTK accuracy without the radios or base station.
- Can function as a RTK rover or RTK base station (requires RTK unlock)
- Can use numerous RTK correction data formats such as RTCA, RTCM v2.x, RTCM v3.x, CMR, and CMR+

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- Do-It-Yourself Plug and Pins
Mounting Plates:
- Universal mounting plate
- Pole-mount

- Smart6-L Product Sheet (includes full specifications)
- Smart6-L User Manual
- OEM6 Installation and Operation User Manual
- OEM6 Firmware Reference
- Smart6-L web page at NovAtel.com
- NovAtel Configuration Utility (CDU)
- Lefebure NovAtel OEMV Config Utility for Windows
- Lefebure NovAtel OEMV Config Utility for Android

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