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The NovAtel FlexPak6 is a triple frequency GNSS receiver based on the OEM628 receiver card. It can track GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS. Frequencies include L1, L2, L5, and L-Band. It has two RS-232 serial ports, an auxiliary I/O port, Ethernet, and USB support. It includes a LEMO power cable, a null-model serial cable, mini-B to type A USB cable, and auxiliary I/O port cable. It does not come with an antenna or coax cable. The COM2 DE-9 serial port has power out, which can be used to power an external radio.

Note: This product has been discontinued and is replaced by the PwrPak7

- Two RS-232 serial ports (NMEA 0183 or binary)
- mini-B USB port
- Integrated Ethernet for remote configuration, NTRIP client or server
- GPS L1, L2, & L5 capable
- GLONASS L1 & L2 capable
- L-band capable
- GALILEO or COMPASS enabled on some models.
- Position data up to 100Hz
- GL1DE algorithm to reduce position drift when running in autonomous or SBAS modes.
- Can use TerraStar satellite-based corrections for near-RTK accuracy without the radios or base station.
- Can function as a RTK rover or RTK base station (requires RTK unlock)
- Can use numerous RTK correction data formats such as RTCM v2.x, RTCM v3.x, and CMR+

Part NumberDescription
GPS plus GLONASS L1+L2 1cm real-time kinematic positions and corrections, TerraStar-C, SBAS, DGPS, 20Hz

This will let the receiver function as either a RTK rover or as a RTK base station.

GPS plus GLONASS L1+L2 real-time kinematic corrections, 20Hz output, NTRIP

This will let the receiver function as a typical RTK base station.

There are numerous other combinations of frequencies, constellations, and features. Feel free to tell us your intended use to get a quote on the right receiver for the task.

- GNSS-502
- GNSS-802
Coax Cables:
- GPS-C006
- GPS-C016
- GPS-C032

- FlexPak6 Product Sheet (includes full specifications)
- FlexPak6 Quick Start Guide
- OEM6 Installation and Operation User Manual
- OEM6 Firmware Reference
- OEM628 Ethernet Reference
- FlexPak6 web page at NovAtel.com
- NovAtel Connect Configuration Utility
- Lefebure NovAtel OEMV Config Utility
- FlexPak6 USB Drivers for Windows

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