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NTRIP (Network Transport of RTCM data over IP) is a protocol for moving RTK correction data from the base to the rover using the Internet. This is especially useful in areas where traditional radios don't work well due to trees or hills. The NTRIP Client is the piece of software you need near the rover. It gets the data from the Internet and sends it out the serial port for the rover to use. This program is a more useful alternative to GNSS Internet Radio. It is typically used on a small laptop or Netbook in the cab of the tractor. Internet access is usually via a USB wireless data card from your cell phone company, or tethered Bluetooth to a data capable phone.

- Internet connection (typically cellular based, only requires 1-2 KB/second)
- RTK capable GPS Receiver
- Server IP address and login credentials for a system that can provide RTK correction data.
- Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer
- Microsoft .Net framework v2.0 or higher
- Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2008 or higher (to view source code)

Free, Open Source

- Change Log
- Readme

Current Version: 2017.07.27
- NTRIPClient.exe
- Source Code (VB2010)

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