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This is a suite of three programs that are designed to do various things with GPS NMEA position data.
- Simulate.exe will act as a GPS receiver and output position data to a serial port. You can select a location/speed/direction or you can have it replay some recorded position data. I use this extensively during the development of other programs that are designed to read GPS position data. You can use two physical serial ports and a null modem cable, or virtual serial ports with a null modem configuration.
com0com Virtual serial port null modem software.
- Capture.exe will record NMEA data to a file for analysis or processing at a later time. It can go for some specified length of time, or log continually.
- Process.exe will read a NMEA log file and calculate statistical data on it. This is used primarily for static accuracy testing, but could be used to quickly see satellite visibility during some operation. The resulting data is saved as images, and there is a .htm file to display them all.

- Microsoft Windows XP or newer
- Microsoft .Net framework v4.0
- Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2010 or higher (to view source code)

Free, Open Source

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Current Version: 2020.12.14
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