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This DLL will allow you to read and write ShapeFiles. See this thread for more information.

Shape files (a set of 3+ files) are an old standard format for storing data such as polygons or points. The files are binary, so they're more difficult to parse than ASCII based formats. I needed to get at the data in VB, and someone was nice enough to convert a parser from one language to another for me.

Note: If you have the option, I recommend using .KML files instead. They are easier to work with, don't have the 3 file requirement, and can store multiple types of data in one file.

- Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer
- Microsoft .Net framework v2.0 or higher
- Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2008 or higher

Free, Open Source

Current Version: 2009.04.16
- Source Code (VB2008)

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