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2-4 inches of rain last night created a mess, and another 1-2 inches this afternoon with some wind just made things worse. It's hard to see any erosion in the fields now that the crops are at canopy, but I have a neighbor with a new beach in his front yard, so something happened. Several bridges are washed out, water is running over a lot of roads, and the trains are shut down on the Union Pacific main line.

Had the 1256 out today for a parade.

While the storm clouds look neat, we're saturated. A week of sun would nice.

Birds find some odd places to build their nests. This one is on a plastic sign hanging from the ceiling of an old building. The bigger the nest got, the more the sign sagged, but they kept building.

Fresh kittens and fresh roses.


Side-dressing liquid N is nearly complete.


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