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Today marks the start of harvest 2008. The soybeans are yielding better than we had expected. There was a lot of dust today and visibility was an issue.

Today we pulled the corn reel off a corn head. Fortunately, we don't have any down corn this year, so we don't want to look at it. We checked over the chisel plow, finished up maintenance on one of the 1020 flex heads, and put the wires back in the concaves on one combine. We won't be running corn for some time, so we'll run both combines in soybeans. Once we can get moving, there will be several days of cutting before we catch up to the crop maturity. Another neighbor started cutting yesterday. We might take a sample tomorrow.
I noticed one of the neighbors has harvested the headlands of a soybean field. We got a little rain this morning, so it must have been yesterday afternoon. As for our fields, we're finally at the point where the soybeans look ready to cut from a distance. That usually means they're a week from being ready. There are still a lot of green pods, and even plants with green leaves in some places.

I apologize for not posting any updates recently. The soybeans look to be about 10 days away from harvest, and the corn needs about 3 weeks yet. The weather has been quite warm, but it is just a late season.

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