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It's raining here again tonight, and quite heavy too.
We were able to get about 40 acres of soybeans planted early this morning, but had to shut down about sunrise because rain moved in to the area. Based on what we got today and the forecast, we might not get back in the field until June.
Still making steady progress on the soybeans. The weather has been excellent, but there is a chance of rain for this weekend. It sprinkled a bit this afternoon, but not enough to make us stop. We're currently doing some no-till soybeans, which is rougher. One of the markers has cracked due to the stress, so we're not using it any more.
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Planting Soybeans



Finished planting corn today, with the exception of one field that was flooded earlier this year, and is at least a week away from being dry enough to plant. We proceeded to plant a little sweet corn, then switched over to soybeans. We also blew a hole in one of the hydraulic hoses on the planter, so we were shut down for a couple hours while getting that fixed.
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More tillage with the STX

We have been planting corn for the past few days, and the ground is finally dry enough that it is really working up well. We expect to finish up on the corn tomorrow, then switch over to soybeans.

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Planting Corn


We only got ~20 acres planted this morning before the rain moved in. Just a light sprinkle so far, but the ground was almost too wet in the first place.
Got "big red" moving again this afternoon, then started planting a couple hours after that. It goes decent, but we are again running out of fields dry enough to plant.

More corn, more dust, and then more rain. We're somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 done with corn now, but as of tonight, it looks like we'll be shut down for a couple days.

We started planting again yesterday afternoon. Today we finally started to see dust behind the planter, which is nice to see. Still finding some mud on occasion that will plug up the press wheels, but that is now a rare thing. The forecast is calling for rain again, so we'll keep rolling until we can't.

Got the planter out this morning and planted about 50 feet before discovering that we didn't put one of the metering units together right. It had caught something and shelled out some of the plastic pieces inside. Made a quick parts run to get another one of those. Got that back together and then planted 0.76 acres before quitting. The soil is just wet enough that it is sticky. Mud keeps building up on the press wheels. Not good. It was overcast and humid, so we decided to give up on it for the day.

So then the sun came out this afternoon for a while and the ground conditions improved. We tried planting again, and decided we just need to be running. This full season corn needs to be put in the ground, because with the forecast showing lots of rain, it might be over a week before we get another chance. We had to clean the mud off the press wheels too many times to count, but it kept getting better as the day progressed. Currently have just under 100 acres done, which is the only ground we could find dry enough to plant. Even if it doesn't rain tonight, we still can't run anywhere else.

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