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Finally got the planter rolling again today, and we got mostly done. There were a few wet spots that we'll try tomorrow.
Got the sprayer moving again today. The ground is unexpectedly firm, except for the wet spots.
The city of Cedar Rapids is seeing flooding like never before. Most of the down town has been disconnected from power, there are mandatory evacuations in parts of town, and a curfew in those areas at night. We got 3 more inches of rain this morning, one inch at noon, and another inch before dark. Conditions definitely didn't improve today. The little stream down the road was 500 feet wide for a while. It will take at least 5 dry days to get close to being fit to plant, not to mention whatever we'll have to replant now due to erosion and flooding. There are a few grain elevators now open to barge traffic, but not by choice.

It has been 7 days now since we last did anything productive. The weather has been very warm and humid, which the planted crops like, but the rain every other day is getting a bit old.
The first two pictures are from the first field of corn we planted this year, and the second two pictures are from the last field of corn we planted. Both were planted with my developmental auto-steer system, and you can see the "wiggle" in the guess rows in these pictures. Due to our constant wet weather, there is more weed pressure than we would like. The crops look good, but are well behind schedule compared to average.

We started planting yesterday afternoon, and finally got rained out about noon today. Covered a lot of ground, but we still have about 1 day worth of planting to do. Rain is in the forecast for the next several days.

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