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Another generation of Japanese beetles have hatched so we're back in the fields spraying all the soybean acres again.
Sorry for such a long delay on updates this month. Most of the corn is tasseling right now, but the fields have an uneven maturity. The spots that were wet this spring appear to be up to 2 weeks behind the rest. The soybeans look good, and I think we are done with spraying this year. The Japanese beetles showed up in force a couple weeks ago, and have selectively destroyed anything they like. Apple trees seem to be their favorite. Thus far, we've been able to keep them from devouring our crops.

There was one field we were unable to plant due to flooding earlier this year. That field got disked last week to prevent the weeds going to seed. Since then it has flooded again. For the most part, the weather has been excellent for the past month. Rains are timely and no strong winds to knock the corn down.

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