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It has been dry here for several weeks, but it rained about 3 inches this morning. Some of the soybeans are just starting to turn yellow. The corn is starting to dent.
Pictures from the Farm Progress Show. FYI, the Drago is an 18 row (30" corn head.)

Tonight we finally got some rain. It had been several weeks, although we have been getting a heavy dew most nights. Crops look decent, although there is a lot of variance within the fields.
The first picture shows some fresh sweet corn. The middle ear didn't get completely pollinated, and the ear on the right had a serious amount of damage. The problem is the Japanese beetles are eating the silks before they get pollinated, so some of the kernels never fill out. The next two pictures show the beetles eating the silks on some field corn, and the fourth picture is a beetle in my hand. Other than that, the corn looks pretty good.

YouTube Video
Spraying corn with an airplane

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