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Spraying soybeans is a high priority right now. In case you're wondering why the wheels are turned and the booms up, he ran out of chemical and went to the edge of the field to get filled up. In these pictures he is just getting back out in the field and is looking for the right tracks to pick up where he left off.

In the past few days we've gotten around 3 inches of rain. The ground is soaked up pretty good right now. Looks like more hot humid weather in the forecast for this week, which the corn just loves. I walked into a corn field last night and it is about 7 feet tall in places. The soybeans are looking nice too.
Another storm rolled through today, creating another awesome sunset. Oh, and the raspberries are ripe too.

The kids decided to try some sledding today. Of course there wasn't any snow, but with enough HP, that's not an issue. The plastic sleds do get hot on the bottom, so they added a piece of wood to help insulate the seat.

It rained here today, which is good, since we were starting to get pretty dry. The crops still look pretty good, except for a few sandy spots where the corn is rolling up. The soybeans haven't grown much in the past week, probably due to the hot weather and minimal moisture.


The pictures of the soybeans here are the last soybeans we planted. They're about 3-4 inches tall right now. The panorama pictures is what it looks like out my kitchen window tonight. It hasn't rained in a few days, so the sprayer has been running pretty steady, and should finish up spraying corn tomorrow.


The crops here still look great. It did rain a little more the past couple days, so spraying has been a challenge this past week. The forecast is for some dry weather this week though, which will be a nice change.

I think we're off to a darn good start this year. After we finished planting, we had about two weeks of hot, sunny, windy days. That stressed the crops some, especially the corn which is already up a ways. However, that forced the plants to put down some deeper roots, which should help us out later in the season if it turns dry. We have gotten a couple inches of rain in the past few days, so we are in pretty good shape right now. Some of the corn is over a foot tall, and I think all of the soybeans are now out of the ground too.

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