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Cleaned out some more grain bins this week, and it is plenty warm to be shoveling grain inside a bin when the sun is out.

Well most of the flattened corn is starting to stand up again, and it is going to be a real treat to combine this stuff this fall. It also rained again tonight, hard. I'm ready for some sun again.
It rained hard again last night, and again this morning. In the past 24 hours, I've gotten 4.5 inches of rain. Somehow, most of it soaked in rather than running off. After driving around today it is obvious how much damage the wind did yesterday. Seems the earlier planted corn held up well, likely due to a better root base. Other fields, typically late planted corn, have plenty of flat spots.
I woke up this morning to thunder, which I haven't heard for about 3 weeks. We got a nice, easy 3/8" of rain that soaked in quickly. This afternoon, mother nature decided to be a little mean though. We got another 1.25", along with some pea sized hail, and some 50 MPH wind. At times, visibility was down to about 100 feet. Driving would have been nearly impossible. Our sweet corn patch is pretty much completely flat, and many cornfields now have small areas where the corn will be goose-necked. Should make for an interesting harvest in a few places. We needed the rain though. Tonight it rained again, and it too was a heavy rain with wind, but not nearly the wind we had earlier.

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