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We put the last three rings on the bin today, then worked on bolting the door in place, as well as some other small things what will need to be done. It was over 90 degrees outside today, and is considerably warmer than that inside the bin. My water jug was empty at the end of the day.

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Lifting the bin.

Started the grain bin today. We start with the top ring, then bolt the roof to the top of it. Once the roof is complete, we lift it up, bolt on the next ring, set it down, reposition the bin jacks, and repeat. We did the roof and the top three rings today.

The newer of our two machines got a new diver's helmet and the vertical section of the unload auger. The project requires taking the rest of the unload auger off the machine. The replacement diver's helmet is made from much thicker steel than the original. The vertical piece of the auger leaves something to be desired though.

This concrete pad is for a new grain bin that will be going up next week. The crew that did the concrete work showed up in the morning, dug the footings, leveled the base, set the forms, started pouring concrete at 1:00, floated it, took a break for a couple hours, pulled the forms off about 3:00, and were headed home by 4:00. When you put calcium chloride in the mix on a sunny day, it sets up fast.

The darn bugs are making a come back this season. We'll get em though. There is some loss of crop when you run over a small percentage of the plants in the field. However, the bugs can do much more damage than that, so we are still much better off to spray a field that the bugs are eating.

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