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We finally got back into the fields today. We didn't get anything done for a full week. There is a little mud in the fields in spots, but we are able to get through it. 80 degrees, wind, and sun can dry up a mud hole pretty fast.

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The view from the 9180

The planter ran for a while on the 22nd, but it started raining here late that afternoon. We haven't been in the fields since. Yesterday we got some more rain, and we're soaked up pretty good right now. It will take us at least 4 days of nice weather before we can get moving again.
We finished incorporating the Treflan early this morning, and started tilling up some bean stubble to plant corn on. The planter got moving this afternoon. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow though.

We finished spraying Treflan today. We've been thinking about planting tomorrow as the weather forecast is warm. It might rain too, but that might be alright just to help with germination.

Today we started spraying Treflan. For those of you unfamiliar with the product, it is a pre-emergent weed killer. It has to be worked into the soil to work. If it is just sprayed on top, the sun and air will neutralize it and it won't do any weed control. The sooner it can be tilled into the soil, the better. I think anything less than 24 hours of exposure is considered good enough. After we've made this pass, we won't be back to this ground until we are finished planting corn, since these will be soybean acres this season.

Today we delivered some soybeans to the mill. Cleaning out a bin is relatively easy and fast with a grain vac, so that's what we use. If you check out the video, you'll notice how much the hose shakes as grain and air surge through the air system. You may also notice the idea of the month here: hang a pulley from the roof with two ropes on the air hose. This keeps it suspended so you don't have to drag it through the grain.

Some of the neighbors have been in the fields the last couple days. Mostly anhydrous, but a little tillage too. We haven't turned a wheel yet, and probably won't for another week. Rain/Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, and again in a couple more days. As soon as it dries out, we'll be putting on Treflan.

YouTube Video
Grain Vac in soybeans

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