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Today was the first big day of tillage, both burndown and anhydrous.
The weather has been great around here the past two weeks. The frost is out of the ground and we have had a couple light rains. No major tillage has been done yet, with the exception of plowing around the border of a few fields and some waterway work. We still have about 1000 acres worth of anhydrous ammonia to apply yet this spring, in addition to the normal tillage for seed bed preparation.
Farming isn't just field work, sometimes we need to clean up old buildings and such. In this case we are tearing down a old hog building. There is an 8 foot deep pit under the slat floor, so we had to be careful with the equipment not to break through. All the wood will be burnt, while the steel and cement will get buried. The big machinery made quick work out of what we thought would be a long process.

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Demolition, Through the roof
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Demolition, Side View
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Demolition, Fire pit

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