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We had a storm yesterday about noon, which is what these pictures are from. We didn't get any measurable from that storm, just cool clouds. However, another storm brewed up for the evening and we got some much needed rain from this one. The upcoming week is forecast to be cooler than last week so the crops shouldn't have as much heat stress. The corn is now 3 to 4 feet tall.

Yep, still hot and dry. We need some rain pretty soon.

One word: Hot! It has stayed dry around here for the last few weeks. Temperature is in the 90s, with high humidity. You can easily see sandy spots in the fields because the corn in those places is showing a lot of stress. It is turning a lighter green and all the leaves are curling up. A certain amount of stress on the crops is good, as it will increase yields, but we are very close to being past that now. There is a slight chance of rain in the forecast for this upcoming weekend, but I doubt we'll see any rain.

It has been a beautiful week of 80 degree weather. Last night brought some storms and lot of wind, but we also got some needed rain.

A couple hundred acres of soybeans got replanted today. The forecast for Iowa look to be dry for the next few days, so its likely that most of the beans in these fields wouldn't have been able to push through the crust. I also did a fair amount of driving today. Seems that most of the hay fields south of here have been mowed already, and a couple have been bailed. The corn fields look pretty good, with the corn probably getting close to knee high in places. The soybeans fields south of here also are starting to green up.

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