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The last few weeks have been hot and we have not gotten much rain. We figure the corn has already dropped 50 bu/ac from what its potential was. That assumes perfect conditions from now till harvest. The soybeans still have potential to be a great crop if we can get some rain and keep the bugs under control.

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Bailing Hay
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John Deere sprayer test drive

Both yesterday and today I was in Fairfield, Iowa - about an hour south of here. Probably 25% of the corn fields down there are now tasseling. I haven't seen anything around here that is that mature yet. The soybeans in that area don't look to be much ahead of the beans around here though - most of the 30" row beans still haven't closed the rows. I do know that around here we have been catching some good rains in the past week. We are in good shape for ground moisture conditions. Now if it would just stay cool for a couple weeks while we get through tasseling around here.

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