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2004 Harvest
Since I have been on the custom harvesting run this year, I have missed out on most of harvest back home. There was just a bit of work to do yet when I returned.

We finally got back onto the soybeans yesterday after a rain delay of over a week. Looks like more rain is in the forecast for this week though. At present, the moisture conditions are pretty good.
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Spraying burndown 2
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Planter unfolding 2
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Planting no-till soybeans

Using a RoGator 554 with 80' boom to spray some burndown on no-till ground.
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Spraying burndown

We have about 1/3 of the soybeans planted, but haven't done anything for several days due to some wet weather. Several days have been in the 80s and humid causing the corn to really shoot up. The earlier planted corn is now about 4 inches tall. As for IT, I finished up my MCSE on Windows 2003 today. Man it feels good to be done with that.
Corn planting was completed yesterday and we are now on to soybeans.
2 weeks and counting until the harvest run starts. Here in Iowa, we have about 2 more days of corn planing before moving onto the soybeans. On the IT side of things, I finally finished up my Compaq/HP ASE certification this week. Ran a 25 hour day yesterday installing a couple new servers. At about 2 AM this morning I found another WRX in the parking ramp and took some pictures. To my surprise, this one was nicely modified - just check out that intercooler piping.
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Planter unfolding
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9180 Turning 2

I have 4 more weeks of IT work before harvest begins. Here in Eastern Iowa, we began planting corn on a limited basis today. We received a bit of rain last night so things were damp this morning. Rain is in the forecast for tonight again. We prepare the seedbed with a 33' Sunflower land finisher. The planter is a 16 row (30 Kinze planter with the interplant option for soybeans. Preferably within 24 hours of planting, we follow up by spraying on Bicep.
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Planting Corn

Video of the 9180 folding up the disk as we move to another field.
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9180 Folding up

All the tile work is now complete and we applied some anhydrous ammonia earlier today. We have also begun to incorporating Treflan on some ground. The videos are from inside the Cash IH 9180 at 6.0 MPH. There was no wheel hop yet the tractor still bounces that much.
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8950 Disking
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9180 Disking
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9180 Looking Back
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9180 Looking Forward
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9180 Turning

Yes, there is only 1 dual on that tractor. We had to remove the other dual and adjust the remaining tire to fit in the furrow.
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