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The Intuicom RTK Bridge-M is designed to connect to the Internet via cellular data link and stream RTK correction data to your GNSS receiver. It has a built in NTRIP client for this purpose. Additionally, it has an internal GPS receiver which can be used to determine the approximate location to let the CORS network know where you are and thus what data stream to receive, or the position can be determined by getting NMEA position data from your RTK GNSS receiver.

- Download Intuicom RTK Bridge-M Configuration Software v2.0

Wiring Pinouts
Intuicom side, 12 pin Deutsch, Black
1Red+12v Power
2Small GrayConfig TX, DE-9F pin 2
3Small RedConfig RX, DE-9F pin 3
4GreenIntuicom Data TX
5WhiteIntuicom Data RX
9BrownIntuicom Data Signal Ground
11Small YellowConfig Signal Ground, DE-9F pin 5

Receiver side, 12 pin Deutsch, Gray
Trimble 252/262/372, Port B
5BrownSignal Ground
6WhiteReceiver Data TX
8GreenReceiver Data RX
10Red+12v Power

Receiver side, 12 pin Deutsch, Gray
Trimble CFX-750/FMX-1000
3GreenReceiver Data RX
4WhiteReceiver Data TX
5BrownData Signal Ground
9Red+12v Power

Last updated: April 22, 2013

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