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Case New Holland (CNH) released the AFS Vector Pro GNSS receiver in 2019. They don't seem to publish much info about it online, so here is what I've been able to figure out.

Connector - The receiver uses Deutsch DT series 12-pin connectors, same as the Trimble 252/262/372/750/1000. The mating connector part number is Deutsch DTM04-12P.

Port A Pinout:
Pin 1 - CAN 1 HI
Pin 2 - Reserved
Pin 3 - Reserved
Pin 4 - PPS Out
Pin 5 - Signal Ground
Pin 6 - CAN 2 HI
Pin 7 - Event (Out) / Radar
Pin 8 - CAN 2 LO
Pin 9 - Event (IN)
Pin 10 - Switched Battery Positive
Pin 11 - Clean Ground
Pin 12 - CAN 1 LO

Port B Pinout:
Pin 1 - RS232 TX 1
Pin 2 - RS232 TX 2
Pin 3 - RS232 RX 2
Pin 4 - PPS Out
Pin 5 - Signal Ground
Pin 6 - RTS 2 (Out)
Pin 7 - Event (Out) / Radar
Pin 8 - CTS 2 (IN)
Pin 9 - Event (IN)
Pin 10 - Switched Battery Positive
Pin 11 - Clean Ground
Pin 12 - RS232 RX 1

The core GNSS receiver card inside the Vector Pro is a NovAtel OEM7700. This is the same card used in the NovAtel PwrPak7, Smart7, and the Ag Leader 7500. The Vector Pro also contains inertial sensors. If you swap receivers, you will need to re-do the roll calibration.

Serial numbers are in the format NMKL21450000A.
The serial always starts with NMKL. The first two numbers are the year the receiver card was manufactured. The second two numbers are the week it was manufactured. Note that this is the manufacturing date of the receiver card, not the Vector Pro enclosure.

Unlock codes are tied to the receiver, not the display.

Unlock codes use this format:

Base unlock: FFNLYNTMNP1
Medium unlock: FFNPYNTMNP1
High unlock: FFNBYNTMNP1
Notice they all look the same except the 4th character.

All models are unlocked for GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+BeiDou on all frequencies available. These receivers will typically track 30-40 satellites.

AFS 1 = TerraStar L
AFS 2 = TerraStar C
AFS 3 = TerraStar C Pro

When running on RTK, it wants correction data in the RTCM v3.x format. If you want your receiver to utilize the satellites from all four constellations, you need a base station that can also monitor all four constellations. When doing that, the data is typically in the RTCM v3.2 format, sometimes called MSM.

Datums: The Vector Pro uses the NAD83(NSRS2011) datum by default. The 1200 display will let you use the ITRF2014 datum, but as of April 2023, it won't actually change, and appears to be stuck on NAD83.

Last updated: September 29, 2023

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