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As many of you know, Iowa is always the first state to hold a caucus in the presidential election cycle. That means that presidential candidates spend a lot of time and money in this state trying to appeal to voters. The idea is that if they perform well here, the media will talk about them more and they'll have better name recognition in other states.

We're currently 2 weeks away from the 2012 caucus, so this is the last big push by all candidates to win support. TV and radio are being flooded with advertisements, as is my mailbox. When it comes to sending material by mail, the campaigns try to target the advertising to people who are a registered voter in their party and have a history of voting. Those are the people most likely to attend the caucus. I vote, so I'm on the mailing list. For those of you that don't live in IA, this page is to give you an idea of the volume of mail generated by political organizations.

2011-12-19 - 3 items - Rick Perry, Ron Paul, NRA

2011-12-20 - 1 item - Strong America Now

2011-12-21 - 2 items - Rick Perry x2

2011-12-22 - 3 items - Ron Paul x2, AARP

2011-12-23 - 2 items - Ron Paul, Mitt Romney

2011-12-24 - 1 item - Newt Gingrich

2011-12-27 - 3 items - Strong America Now, Ron Paul x2

2011-12-28 - Nothing
2011-12-29 - 2 items - Mitt Romney, Rick Perry

2011-12-30 - 2 items - Ron Paul, Rick Perry

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