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In NTRIP terminology, the term 'Stream' can also be called a 'Mount Point'. They refer to the same thing.

Some NTRIP clients do not provide a list of streams available on a NTRIP caster. In this case, you will need to know the name of the stream you want to connect to. If you are unsure of the available streams, you can get a list from the NTRIP caster with any web browser. Just type in the caster's address and port number. The format is:
http:// {server-address} : {port-number}

Some common NTRIP Casters are listed below:

Iowa DOT:
Minnesota DOT: http://mncors.dot.state.mn.us:9000
Ohio DOT:

When looking at the data in those links, the streams are the lines that start with "STR".

One of the lines on the Iowa DOT's system is:
STR;RTCM3_MAX;RTCM3_MAX;RTCM 3;;2;GPS & GLONASS;Iowa RTK Network;;0.00;0.00;1;1;Leica GNSS Spider;none;B;N;9600;

While each line contains a lot of information about each stream, the name of the stream is the part between the first and second semi-colons. In this example, I highlighted it in yellow. When you are configuring a NTRIP client and need to manually specify the stream to connect to, this is the part that you need to use for the stream name.

Last updated: July 2, 2011

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